Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shop Preview: Holidays and Beyond

We've had many a gray day here in Virginia, so while I've been doing a lot of shopping (thrifting and otherwise), I haven't gotten to photograph items for the shop. As usual, there's a pile developing in the studio. So, finally, on a sunny Sunday, I got some shots--these items, in the shop this week (as soon as I measure them!):

Smocked Polly Flinders Holiday Dress (Size 5), vintage Lord & Taylor Argyle Vest

Puffy Coat with Faux Fur/Hood, Belted Corduroy Shirt w/ Artwork Print
And in case you're already dreaming of spring: Neon Poodle One Piece, Buster Brown Polka Dot Dress (it has a sweet back keyhole!)
See something you like?  Let us know, and we can get your measurements/dibs! 

**Sidenote: a month or so ago, we featured some shoes on the blog. Unfortunately, my computer died and the photos died with it, so they need to be re-shot before I can post them.  If you want/need them (someone had wanted the mustard flats!), please convo us!!! **