Thursday, July 7, 2011

What Aurora Wore: The Vintage Romper

There are few things cuter than a vintage romper. I've been lucky to find some to put in the shop this summer (they sold quickly!), but of course, I had to keep some for Aurora!  I had to keep this stripey little number because of its fun details:  buttons down the front, eyelet trim, and a waist tie.

romper-vintage, clip-Carter's, shoes-The Children's Place (thrifted)
Aurora is our little monkey lately...once she figured out she could climb on a chair, it was all over. Now she climbs on every chair, sofa, and bed in sight!  She gets a very proud look on her face when she sits down in a chair next to one of us.  She knows it means she's a big girl.

True to her monkey form, less than an hour after taking these photos, Aurora was having a snack:  some goldfish crackers, her milk, and a banana.  She decided it would be fun to squish the banana in her hands and rub it into her hair (even though she just had a shower this morning!):

She's so funny that I couldn't even be mad at her.  But she definitely didn't like it when I took a vigorous wet washcloth to her whole head!  I hope she learned her lesson.

The sweet little romper was all covered in banana too and went straight in the wash.  I'm saving it because I think Lyla will look great in it next summer! :)

And it's Thursday, so that means that we're linking up with Small Style on the Mama Loves Papa blog! Yay!


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Kendra Morris said...

Rompers seem to be timeless. I love Aurora's! So sweet!