Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Beach Bums: A Little Weekend Adventure

In the middle of central Pennsylvania, you'd be hardpressed to find the ocean (obviously!), but there are little lakes here and there. About 10-15 miles from State College is a place called Whipple Dam. My cousin's son was turning 3 while Q and I were in PA, and they were having a party out at the "beach."  It was a gorgeous day to put some babies in the water!

Warning:  Adorable Partial Nudity Ahead!

 Lyla didn't mind getting her teeny tiny toes wet, and Aurora LOVED the water! We had her at the beach last summer, but she was only 7 months old, so we spent most of the time holding her while she slept or ate.  needless to say, we're super excited to see how she enjoys the real beach this summer! (And in case you were wondering, Aurora's hat and bathing suit were both thrifted...and that Gymboree suit still had the tags on! It fits her perfectly!)

 We spent some time teaching Aurora how to make sand piles, which she also loved.  Q and I had fun making the babies' initials.

 Could they be the best looking family ever?!  Especially that Lyla, in thrifted red gingham Gymboree head to toe. 

 Lyla's bathing suit got a little saggy, and she was not happy about it.  So she went free and easy for a while! Until her momma got worried about sunburn (and modesty!) and made her a makeshift diaper sarong with her vintage scarf.  I made the (bad) joke that this was not a topless, but a bottomless beach.

 No bathing suits for us...but it was fun standing in the water, getting a little sun and cooling down. And yes, Q and I are wearing almost-matching fedoras. They're our beach hats!

I'm really anticipating next summer when our girls might get to be at a real beach together, running around and splashing. Aurora is a little water baby, and I have no doubt Lyla will be too. Both their mommies love the beach! (Though these days, they like laying out on the beach with drink and magazine in hand, a little more than swimming.)

Hope you all stayed cool this weekend! We'll have some more photos of our weekend to share later this week.


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