Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Third of July Picnic

We are so fortunate that Q's mom, dad, and brother and his family live nearby!  Aurora loves her cousin Zoe (who is 4 months older than her), and we love throwing family get-togethers!  We had a baby-pool party at our house on Sunday. It was so steamy that the adults were wishing for our own pool, but we still enjoyed ourselves with yummy food (of course, lots of vegan deliciousness!) and some hanging out.  The toddlers provide nonstop entertainment, as you can imagine...

Here are just a few shots from the day:

delicious food + handsome husband working the grill

Pool Party, Baby!  

We got our hammock up out back...and the babes loved it (and each other!)

We had both a relaxing and busy weekend. We biked over 30 miles on 3 separate trips (a Whole Foods dinner on Friday, trip to the Farmer's Market on Saturday, and to the 4th of July Fest on Sunday).  Thank goodness Aurora loves being in her cart!  When Q goes down big hills, I can hear her going, "Weeeeeeeee!"  We also got some work down around the yard, and spent a lot of time reading the paper, drinking coffee, watching TV, and simply enjoying our extra time together.  We were both in kind of a funk last night, thinking about going back to work today. I'm sure you can relate!

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday to the fullest!



Anonymous said...

I love the photo of the kids in the hammock about to kiss. Super sweet :-)