Friday, July 8, 2011


Within a month of getting married and moving in with one another Andrew and I decided we wanted a puppy.  And without a second thought we went to the pet store and got our little chihuahua-pug (CHUG), Sophie.  She was a scrawny little thing and even though with age she has packed on some pounds in the midsection, her legs are still itty bitty.  Someone once described her as a pork roast on toothpicks. Haha.

I hate to say it, but since having Lyla, my love for Sophie has diminished.  She's constantly shedding, leaving my house a hairy mess and she always just seems to be in the way.  But now that Lyla is crawling, she and Sophie have become buddies.  Lyla giggles with delight every time Sophie shows any interest in her and recently they have started "playing" together.  Not sure how I feel about Lyla's little baby hands (that are constantly in her mouth) touching the dog's chew toys... but it makes her so happy to have a pint sized companion!  And it makes me like a Sophie a little bit more.

While I adore spending my days with these two characters I am SO looking forward to this weekend and having Andrew home with us to relax and have some family time.  No big plans.  Just hanging out.  I couldn't be more excited!



Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

I'm sure I read somewhere years ago that dog and cat saliva is self-cleaning, so it can't be that bad! :) Kids and pets are pure magic together and have been growing up together forever, so don't worry, a lil dog spit won't hurt her. ;) We have three dogs and three cats, and we will have our hands full in a few months even more than we do now, but I can't wait to see all of them interact with our baby girl...a couple of them in particular pine after children walking down the street, so they have been waiting for this a long time. They shed a lot and make messes, but the love they give in return outweighs it by far...nothing like waking up every day to all those sweet faces peering at me. I'd trade a clean house for them any day. :)

The Duty's said...

super cuuuttteee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!