Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mama Wardrobe {Must vs. Lust}

I promised myself as a stay-at-home-mom I would not succumb to the practicality of staying in sweats all day.  I have only stayed in my pajamas all day about three times since Lyla was born, yesterday being one of them (and I did end up changing into a clean shirt once Andrew got home from work).   On the weekends I like to challenge myself to try new outfits.  And by "new" I mean, new-to-me.  I haven't gone shopping for a very long time (babies=expensive), so when I want to change up my wardrobe, I dig through all my bins of vintage clothing.  I found this pastel striped skirt (that I had previously hemmed shorter).  It hung a bit low on the hips so I quickly sewed up the back of it to make it smaller so it could be worn higher on the waist.

(Vintage yellow belt, vintage silver cuff bracelet, vintage brooch worn as a necklace)

I honestly feel like I have a make-shift wardrobe.  Not only do I wear a lot of vintage but I also keep my modern-day stuff for a REALLY long time.  Case and point--this purple tank top.   I got it back when the empire waist/baby doll style dresses and tops were really in.  (It's from Urban Outfitters via a discount store.)  On this day, the color worked with my candy striped skirt but the cut was not doing it for me.  So I took a cue from Kendi (LOVE her.) and knotted it in the back.  Instant update!
Isn't this a great photo??  Totally not staged!  Andrew took it as I was getting into place for my posed pics.

Lastly, let's talk shoes.  I love shoes. But like the rest of my wardrobe, my shoe collection hasn't been updated in a very long time.  And I am way too practical.  I'll admit--I buy shoes I don't like that much just because they're cheap, or they're comfortable.  So the silver, strappy sandals I wore here were not my ideal...BUT they were great for carting around a baby on my hip.  I would have loved to have worn something more like these:

But as moms, we make sacrifices!  (Clothing choices being the least of these.)



Amy said...

Beautiful! I need to take notes. I'll be more apt to run out and buy something instead of renewing something old.

I agree...those sandals rock!

Lyla is gorgeous!

MissShapes said...

Super cute! I love the skirt...it's so fun!

Katie (quick cook rice) said...

What a genius idea. This is why I need you two! Seriously no reason to run out and buy a new shirt!

Jessica said...

I just came across your blog and was wondering if you had any suggestions for maternity clothes? Im only 3 months but I already find myself frowning at the options that are out there. I want to still look adorable while im pregnant!!