Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Aurora Wore: Our Favorite Vintage Find (So Far)

This little hand embroidered dress is one of those finds that made my heart race a little faster when I put it in the cart. The cut and colors are so perfect, and it's so bohemian-looking. It's a little big on Aurora (you could see cleavage if she had any!), so I'm either 1) saving it for later in the summer or 2) putting it in the shop soon!

The shops so far this summer have been very slow. We're hoping to remedy that by posting more/more often and blogging more to grow our fans (have you voted for us today/yesterday/any day on Top Baby Blogs?  We'd really love to find a place in the Top 50 so we can gain new readers!  We really, really appreciate it. A lot.)

Anyway, onto the dress!  I've been dressing Aurora up a lot these days, since it's been so hot...when she's not in a diaper, she's rocking a cute little sundress or romper.

Isn't it so sweet and retro?  I have a hard time deciding which items to put in the shop once Aurora outgrows, etc. and which ones to case future baby #2 is a girl! We also pass some cute stuff down to Lyla, so that it's Aunt Jayme's decision! ;)