Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Easy Way to Make a Difference: Girls For A Change

The following is a post sponsored by Yahoo! Every time someone clicks here to make Yahoo! their homepage, they're showing their support for Girls For A Change.

As a former high school teacher and stepmom to two teenage girls and mom to a toddler girl, I'm always thinking about ways that I can be an example and encouragement. Lucky for my own girls, they have parents who are able to support, encourage, and protect them. But this isn't true for every family: some girls don't have mothers or positive female role models in their lives. Some girls have fantastic moms and grandmas and sisters, but feel trapped because there are so few opportunities for them to use their talents or find communities where there are girls like them.

This is why I was really excited to hear about Girls for a Change, a national organization that empowers young girls (we need more organizations like this!). The goal of Girls for a Change isn't just to make these girls into strong and confident young women--thought it does do that--but it helps these girls change the world through activism!  These young women are our future leaders.

Because this organization is close to my heart, as both a mom and a woman, I wanted to take a second to ask our readers and followers to consider making a quick, and easy change that could help GFC raise up to $10,000. All you have to do is change your web home page to Yahoo!  Click here, and that's it.  You help the program and do your own little part in changing the world. 

Please consider helping takes such little effort, but it makes a huge difference!  Thank you, friends.

I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.