Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weekend Recap {in photos}

This week we've shown you some bits and pieces from this past weekend.  We were only in Virginia for a couple of days so we used it to spend some quality time together. Saturday morning we woke up and let the girls play while we had our morning coffee.

Then we went in search of breakfast at the local farmer's market (gluten free oat/fruit bar for me, a vegan spinach wrap for Amanda, a chocolate croissant for Andrew).  The sun was shining and it was so lovely to see all the brightly colored produce lining the street.

Lyla and Aurora are only 10 months apart in age which seemed like a huge age gap when Lyla was first born.  But as the months pass their interactions are getting more and more fun to watch.  Aurora was giving her cousin kisses and hugs, patting her head and even trying to share her food with Lyla.  

(We took Lyla in to get Aurora up from her nap and let them play in the crib for a bit!)

Sunday, after a huge homemade breakfast (...then lunch), we lounged around avoiding the inevitable goodbyes.  It was a wonderful (and too short!) weekend.  Lyla slept better than she has in a while (which means I got a good night's sleep too) and Amanda kept us well-fed with yummy home-cooked meals.  So while I was sad when the trip was over, I at least came home feeling a bit refreshed.



Katie (quick cook rice) said...

Fresh veggies and babies! Aww.