Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A First Father's Day

I am the worst at thinking of creative gifts for birthdays and holidays.  The one thing I do like to always do is make a homemade card.  So I knew for sure that Lyla and I would make her daddy a Father's Day card.  Lyla 'made' some foot prints and I helped her with the rest... ; )

We also got him some cheesy key chains (one that said #1 DAD and one with a little photo frame with Lyla's picture in it--which is now has looped onto his keys).  I know....not the most extravagant first father's day gifts.  But Andrew isn't all that much into "stuff" (although he does have a soft spot for shoes and watches) so my big gift to him was a fun day with his girls.  After church and lunch with my parents we ventured out golfing--with Lyla in tow.  A risky decision, but she was perfection!   I documented our outing with Andrew's iPhone via Instagram (I got a little obsessed...and am now considering trading in my trusty Blackberry for my own iPhone!).

tiny passenger
Lyla and I followed on foot
sleeping babe
putt putt

artsy shot 
handsome daddy

daddy and baby
mama and baby (wide-eyed, just waking!)

baby wearing (a passed out little gal)
tiny hands and feet

When we got home we relaxed for a bit and then grilled some steaks for dinner.  A simple dinner at home was a great way to end the day (oh, and strawberry banana smoothies!).  I feel so lucky that my husband loves just spending time with us.--"his girls" (I love when he calls us that!).  Even before I married Andrew I knew he'd be a great dad...and so far I couldn't have been more right.  His patience and selflessness amazes me everyday.   I only he hope he enjoyed his first Father's Day as much as I did!



Sandi said...

you tweeted about worst at creative gifts... this is awesome! i love this idea! thanks for sharing, I'm gonna keep it in my backlog of ideas for my kiddos ;)