Friday, June 17, 2011


I feel like being "green" is sort of trendy right now.  Even the term "green" has become kind of a buzz word.  Like if something is labeled as "green" it makes it cool to buy.  But often times these things are more expensive than their non-environmentally-friendly counterparts.
I am all for helping out the environment (vintage=super green!) but honestly, when I'm cutting corners and being "green"(sick of the quotation marks yet?) it is often times more so to save me some green...
My parents got me this umbrella clothes line for Christmas and we finally got it set up in the yard.  I loved seeing all Lyla's tiny baby clothes lined up on the rack, basking in the sunshine.  And it doesn't hurt that it will save lots of electricity (hello, cheaper electric bill!) from not using the dryer.

What kind of things do you do to be "green" that also save you some green?



Rici said...

I have started using baking soda and vinegar and lemons to clean vs. buying a ton of other kinds of cleaners. I still have my handy Method spray stuff but I'm trying not to be too dependent on it!

Team Dean said...

we have a blog that has a lot about greener options. heres a link to a recent post about making a t-shirt into a reusable bag.