Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hot Child in the {Suburbs}

Virginia experienced a HUGE heat wave this past week, with temperatures in the mid-90s. We learned that our A/C was dead just time.  I almost cried.  We hadn't planned on several thousand dollars invested in air conditioning this summer, so we bought a few window air conditioners and some fans, and spent a whole lot of time in our basement (fortunately, it's fully finished and contains our family room, bedroom, bathroom and Aurora's nursery). 

Aurora was about as cranky as her mama.  She gets so sticky when she is hot!  I decided, one one particularly hot evening after I had (foolishly) cooked dinner, to take her outside and hose her down before Q got home.  We had experimented with the hose mister after a long bike ride last weekend, so we knew she liked it.

I love watching her facial expressions, and her cute little belly in that bathing suit (Baby Gap, thrifted for $2!).  She had a blast and slept through the night too.

Does it get much cuter?  Answer: No.  I love this girl!

Thankfully, the temperatures have cooled down, and it looks like a beautiful weekend ahead!  Go out and enjoy it!

Amanda (& Aurora)


Rachel @ A Cupcake for Moose said...

Miss Aurora is soooo cute! What a fun way to cool down. Hope you're having a fantastic weekend Amanda!

Jenarcissist @ the closet narcissist said...

Love her lil bathing suit and expressions! She's the picture of happiness.

Hope y'all are able to stay nice and cool in the house now - I sure did feel for you guys!!

Amanda said...

Thank you, ladies! :) These photos make me smile so big. Glad you liked them too!