Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh Boy(s)!

Ask anyone who runs a vintage kiddo clothes shop:  cute, fun vintage girl clothes are just easier to come by.  Our shop definitely has more baby girl clothes than boy clothes. Almost every pregnant mama I know, prior to finding out the baby's gender, has made mention of the fact that dressing a girl is "so much more fun" than a boy.   Maybe because boys' clothes tend towards basics.  They're made with dirt in mind. But basics don't have to be boring!

I found a great little haul of boys' stuff at the thrift yesterday, and can't wait to put them in the shop!  Mamas of little guys, check out these fun pieces!  I'm especially partial to the bright green flared overalls with the hand stitched train (The wheels are individual buttons! It's amazing!).

As always, if you see something you like or want to know more, drop us a line! 

Hope you're all having a great is done here for today, now it's off to play in the sunshine!



renee kristine said...

killing me! sooo cute! I've always thought the opposite. i love boys, i love dressing boys... easier. yes, i hate that most of the options are puppies and football, but you learn to work with what you've got! these are so good!

Anonymous said...

these are so great!!

Beth said...

Hooray! I love this so much, and makes me feel inspired to go hunt up some vintage duds for my Bables boy.