Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Miskabelly Easter

Q, Aurora, and I traveled up to Pennsylvania on Friday evening, through traffic and rain, all the way to grandmother's house.  Aunt Jayme, Uncle Andy and little Lyla were there waiting for us too!  Aurora was awake in the car the whole time and only took a half an hour afternoon nap.  She was totally wired when she got to see some of her favorite people, so she didn't go to bed until almost ten o'clock. But it was worth it!

We had to get back to do Easter dinner on Sunday w/ Q's family, so we made Saturday our "Easter." I got a little excited about Lyla's first Easter and had so much fun finding little treats for her basket (including the sweetest vintage wooden puzzle and  little sandals!)

My parents did an Easter egg hunt for the girls (mostly Aurora) and we had our huge Easter dinner. During the day, we went on a couples date to Barnes and Noble and Ross for a little shopping while my parents played with the kiddos. In the evening, my parents brought out the Easter baskets for the Big Kids (who cares if we're 27 and 29?).  We watched "Morning Glory" with Rachel McAdams/Harrison Ford. Then it was bedtime.

Sunday morning we got all prettied up and went to church at 9:30.  Aurora was so excited, she wouldn't stop talking, pointing to babies and yelling "BABY!" (especially to Lyla) and trying to walk on her own.  Q and I had her out in the lobby most of the time.  After a big leftovers lunch, we headed back to VA, to sunshine and warm weather, and a fun family dinner/Easter egg and basket hunt with our big girls and niece.

Q and I w/ Aurora, Madelyn, and Emma

In other news, Aurora is walking and talking all over the place! She is a great big ball of energy.

It is so much fun to see our girls together--Lyla is getting SO big and Aurora loves her so much.  The trip felt too short, but we're looking forward to a long, more relaxing weekend sometime in the future.

We hope that you and your sweet families had a wonderful Easter weekend!



Katy said...

It's so much fun when babies turn into baby-lovin' toddlers! Looks like a wonderful weekend.