Tuesday, April 5, 2011

For Your Little Easter Bunny

Me and my curly mullet! Circa 1987.
As a kid Easter was always one of my favorite holidays.  Not only was there Easter morning--with baskets full of fake grass, malted milk eggs, wiffle ball sets and dressing up in our pretty ruffled dresses and sun hats for church but there was that celebration leading up to Easter where my grandma would have an Easter egg hunt.  We'd run around the yard hunting for fluorescent colored plastic eggs with foil wrapped candy treats inside.
We've stocked the Miskabelly shop with some lovely little spring dresses for your little one to wear on Easter (which I hope to feature later this week--and maybe even show a few more flashback photos of Amanda and I in some of our special Easter outfits!).  But we also have some adorable bunny-themed frocks that would be perfect for looking festive at an Easter egg hunt.

Yellow Corduroy Overalls with Embroidered Bunnies, $12

Soft Peach Hooded Bunny Bunting, $13

Bunny Zip Up Hoodie Sweater, $12

Peter Rabbit Baby Boy Bunting, $18

Pretty darn cute huh?  



arielle @ a beautiful journey. said...

such precious little outfits! love them!
thank you for sharing :)