Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aurora Style: Mixing Patterns

Welcome to a fun new segment where Aurora shares some of her favorite looks for spring!  Or rather, Aurora's mama shares some photos in which Aurora looks very cute.

It's fun to dress kids.  I won't lie: I'm excited for when Aurora can choose her own outfits, but right now, it's more fun getting her dressed and buying her cute stuff than it is for myself.  That's because no matter what she wears, she always looks spectacular. Because she's my baby (okay, toddler, I guess...since, as you can see in these photos, she has entered toddle-dom!)

Tee-Target, Overalls-vintage (thrifted), Sandals-vintage (thrifted), Softie Bear-Angel Dear, Bow-random

I think it's so much fun to mix patterns, for kids and adults alike!  I paired this ruffly floral tee with some red railroad stripe overall shorts.  These sandals came in Aurora's Easter basket...they're still a tiny bit big since she is almost directly between a size 3 and 4.  But aren't they awesome?  Little gal gladiators.

Miss Aurora just got up from her nap, which is why she did not want to let go of her softie bear.  Before she was born, Q bought her two of these super soft blankies from Angel Dear: a pink flower and this bear.  Last week, she was very grouchy and insisted on bringing her pink flower softie into the store, where she dropped it and we never found it. :(  I was pretty sad!  But as soon as I told Q, he went right to the computer and ordered her a new one. They no longer carry the flower, but he got her a sweet pink lamb. 

It's lunchtime for us ladies, then we are off to get some groceries.  Stay tuned for more Aurora style!

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Krissy @ B.Inspired said...

Love those striped overalls! And how you've paired them with a flower print. She is just too cute. I'm so glad I've discovered your blog!

Miskabelle/Miskabelly said...

Thank you so much, Krissy! She's a sweetie. So glad to discover your blog too...and to be part of the Vintage Kiddo Collective! SO many awesome ladies and shops.

Happy weekend!

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Amanda said...

Thank you! She's a lot of fun, that one. :)