Friday, April 15, 2011

Thrifty Mama Finds: Spring Edition

Q and I have been talking about getting a wagon for Aurora since the winter.  When we saw how excited she got riding in her cousin Zoe's wagon, we knew that spring would bring a wagon to our house.

But wagons aren't as cheap as you might think. And I really, reeeeeeeeally wanted a vintage one, like the Radio Flyer Jayme and I had as kids.

Put something out into the Universe and often times, if you're paying attention, you'll get it (the thrifting gods seem to listen especially well, in my experience!).  I found a wagon at a local thrift store for less than half the price we'd pay for a new one. 

so happy in her wagon!

If you follow me on Twitter, you may remember that I tweeted a week or so ago that I also fell in love with this antique daybed at the same thrift shop, but wasn't sure I would get it.  It was absolutely perfect, though, and in the end, when Q saw it, he agreed. So we got it!  It will be Aurora's big girl bed when she's ready. For now, it's still in her room, and she loves playing on it. (I love it too.)

The sheet and dust ruffles came with the bed!
I found these two large pillows at my favorite thrift...I want to get a few more small ones to make a perfect pile (yes, I'm one of those people who loves piles of pillows!)

The sweetest cherub detail on headboard and footboard:  Aurora likes to tickle them! It is beyond cute.
I'm not only about vintage things--I like new stuff too. But I still operate on a budget, especially for Aurora's stuff, since she grows so quickly.  She has really started to get around on her little feet, so it was time to get some new shoes.  Daddy needed new work shoes, and ordered a pair of Keens...the same website just so happened to have kiddo Keens on sale too. I couldn't pass them up!

pink maryjanes to match her pink wardrobe!

love the rugged sole!

Big Girl Shoes for my big girl.
And last, but not least, I have tried for the longest time to stay AWAY from Zulily but when I saw they were having a sale on baby backpacks by Kelty (we've been scouting them for spring/summer hikes and walks, since Aurora is slowly becoming a hater of her stroller), I couldn't resist.  We got this one:

Do you see that little sunroof?!  Just perfect. And it goes up to 40 pounds, which means we can still use it for a while.  I can't wait! (Although, I'm sure Q will be doing most of the carrying.  I let him pick the color for that reason.)

As you can see, we're all ready for spring here!  Now, it just needs to stay here.