Friday, April 1, 2011

A Virginia Weekend

Hey there....long time no-write!  I suppose I could use the excuse that I've been "recovering" from our little weekend getaway to Virginia to visit Amanda and her family (and Amanda's been busy keeping up with the Miskabelle blog and her new personal writing blog).

We went south to VA hoping to scope out some cherry blossoms and enjoy a taste of warm weather.  Unfortunately it was windy and cold, but we still kept busy--our schedule consisted of reading the morning paper while noshing on homemade breakfast sammies, shopping--both thrift and otherwise, going out to eat (at a funky pizza joint and an authentic tapas place),  a steak dinner in, and of course lots of playing/watching/giggling with babies.

Lyla and Aurora lounging on the couch

So many hugs and kisses!

Our smiley girls.

Ah, here are the grown-ups!  (left: Andrew, Jayme & baby Lyla  right:  Quentin, Amanda & baby Aurora (in a vintage dress--now for sale in the shop!)

Lyla FINALLY learned to love her Beco carrier.  Friday we ventured into Georgetown with only one daddy on hand (Quentin was at work).  It was certainly a challenge to handle our coffees and babies AND do our usual bargain hunting!  I was glad to be stroller-free.

Normally we would have full "outfit photos"...but our cameras were fixated on the babies.  I did get this shot of Amanda with her ah-mazing vintage tooled leather bag (in the photo: she's taking her turn at iPhone Scramble which we always play while waiting for a table at restaurants).

I know I'm a bit biased, but we have THE sweetest little girls.

It was so awesome to see these little ones take more notice of one another.  Lyla could not keep her eyes off of her platinum-headed cousin!  And Aurora was so sweet, patting Lyla's head, pointing to her nose (and exclaiming "nose!") and doing her best at pronouncing "Lyla!" (those double L's are tough!) or sometimes calling her "mama!"
Life is certainly a lot different with babies in tow.  A little more hectic.  A lot more joyful.



Anonymous said...

Super cute photos! That's so great that you two are very close and your kids are getting to build such a bonding relationships with each other at a young age. Family is everything!