Friday, April 8, 2011

Pretty Little Dresses

Looks like I'm coveting something in Amanda's Easter basket!

It is no secret that Amanda and I have enjoyed dressing up since we were little.  We always looked forward to getting a new dress for each holiday.  Our mom would curl our hair (and in Amanda's case, sometimes crimp it..haha), we'd pack up our miniature purses with lip smackers and juicy fruit gum (to keep us busy during church) and put on our freshly ironed dresses.  I always felt so pretty on those days--even though looking back at photos I was a super awkward child!

Our mom really was into hats!  I plan on having Lyla wear little sun hats all the time too.

We had completely matching outfits this year...I will spare you the dresses!

We have some great little dresses in the shop that remind me a lot of dresses Amanda and I wore when we got dressed up for Easter as kids.  Here's a few of my favorites:

Polly Flinders Blue Smocked Dress, $18

Square Neck Cap Sleeve Easter Dress, $14

Yellow CI Castro Bib Collar Dress, $18

Embroidered Smocked Jacket, $18

Easter is just 2 weeks away!!  I can't wait for Lyla and cousin Aurora dressed in their sweet little Easter dresses.  What's your little one wearing for Easter?