Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Week 34: Are You Ready?

People, I am ready.  This past weekend I finally hit my ‘nesting’ stride and somehow finished the nursery (with Andrew’s help!).  I painted little flowers under each of the windows, finished putting together all the gadgets (pack and play, bouncy chair, etc.), had hubby hang the DIY pom pom flowers, rolled out the carpet…AND washed and folded all the little baby clothes and blankets.   The past couple of days, Andrew and I have been periodically standing in the doorway of the room and just staring.  It’s so bright and whimsical…and babyish.  We love it!  Now we just need the baby. 
Also on the agenda this week—our hospital tour.  Nothing that ground breaking… but it really makes things feel so real!  And so close. 
All these little things we’re crossing off our to-do list, in preparation for Baby C’s arrival…but I can’t help but feel unprepared.  Parenting seems like one of those things where you learn as you go.  No matter how many gadgets you buy, how many books you read, how many stories you hear, you never really know what you’re in store for until that little girl actually is HERE.  So I think it’s safe to say, we’re ready as we’ll ever be! 

Let’s talk a bit about these photos….
Yes, the black and white looks all artsy-ish and you might think it was intentional.  Really though…my outfit just didn’t match and I made the photo grayscale to hide that fact!  I’m trying to be a bit more adventurous with maternity fashion (I complained a bit about it here), but I’m not so sure it’s working.  I really miss my little high-waisted skirts.  But when you pull one over a baby bump, you kind of get that Pee Wee Herman effect where it’s just a litttttle too high on the waist.  Not to mention, the higher on the waist, the shorter the hem!  This one’s borderline over-exposure.  But hey, I’m 8+ months preggers.  I’m shocked that I still have the energy to even get these photos taken each week.  And luckily I have a super nice mom who took me shopping this past weekend for a new tunic (nice and roomy!) so I can keep comfy and fashionable in my last few weeks as a mama-to-be!
In these photos:  Vintage skirt (hemmed),  t-shirt by OP (Walmart! haha), vintage Givenchy scarf (for sale on Miskabelle), brown tights, vintage loafers (for sale on Miskabelle).

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Maggie May said...

you look wonderful. i am 38 weeks and just SO READY. we have done almost everything on our list but the master bedroom won't be done till this Saturday so i'm praying... :)

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Thank you!
Good luck girl!! BTW (just reading your blog..) I love the baby name you chose! So pretty and unique.