Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Week 32: Playing Make Believe

This past weekend was my baby shower.  After a long (and lovely) day full of family, friends, cupcakes, presents and hugs, Andrew and I came home with all our baby loot and dumped in the nursery.  It was pretty surreal to be handling the packs of diapers, tiny socks and soft blankets…as I folded them and put them in their drawers.  The next day I had a newfound jolt of energy and desire to continue my “nesting” (which I had kinda put on hold for a bit).  I even took the plunge and ordered some fabric from an etsy shop, to make curtains for the nursery (DIY blog to come!).
I keep doing this thing lately where I try to imagine she’s already here.  I’ll be wrapping some packages for our shop (which involves taking over our living room floor with tissue paper, boxes and tape) and I’ll pretend Baby C is fast asleep in her nursery.  Do I need to be more quiet?  Will I really have the energy to go about my daily work when I’ve spent the night up with a baby?  Or Andrew and I will be spending the evening at home… he’ll be playing video games (sorry babe, I’m outing you!) and I’ll be trying to fight boredom, searching for new blogs to read or browsing twitter.  I imagine baby is here and snuggling her on the couch while we watch daddy play his games. 
It is truly impossible to really know what our lives with be like once our baby girl gets here….but I can’t help but anticipate pure bliss.

This week’s photos are taken in the nursery.  It’s just a little sneak peek at the final product!  The dresser is an antique (or just really old), re-finished by my mom, with vintage glass handles.  The knick knacks on the dresser are mostly items from my baby shower (Amanda decorated in all vintage baby stuff—and I got to take home anything I wanted!).  My dress is the “boho mama” dress that I got in Vermont this summer.  It was originally floor-length, but I thought it looked too costume-y, so I hemmed it short (admittedly I made it a little too short.  tights are definitely required with it now).
In these photos:  vintage 70s dress, earrings from Target, tights and boots (both unknown)

Belly’s lookin pretty big huh?  Today marks 8 months—so I still have 2 more to grow!



Amrita said...

What a sweet blog entry. Looking lovely, J ! xo

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

You're so adorable! Looking great for 8 months!

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

@Morgan | Mrs. Priss
Thank you! btw....just spent the past hour reading through your blog archives (so cute)!