Monday, November 29, 2010

Aurora's (and Mommy's) Etsy Wish List

Aurora is going to be 10 months at Christmas this year, and I can hardly wait to watch her experience all the sights and sounds of the holidays.  Q and I decided not to go overboard on gifts this year 1) because she won't remember as much this year and 2) she's going to be spoiled by the rest of our family.  But I've be perusing Etsy pretty regularly and have some things I'd love to get for Aurora (and me!). And everything just happens to be under $25 because you know I love a good bargain.

Hello friends and family, if you're reading this, consider this a wishlist of sorts! ha.

Things to Play With
1.  neely bug boutique (pink apron with 'Aurora' in yellow stitching), $12  Such a great personalized gift to go along with the kitchen grandma and grandpa are getting her.
2.  Gallivanting Girls, $24   No kitchen is complete without kitchenware!
3. Bells and Whistles Shop,$15  I love the crayon storage and can't wait to fill this thing with paper and coloring books for little trips we take together!

     Pretty Things to Wear
1. Frog Princess Designs, $25  It's a teething ring AND jewelry.  Awesome!
2. Ms Tips, $8.40  Must have for my little bohemian babe.
3. Handmade Baby Love, $17.99  Something to keep her feet warm around the house and on our hardwoods and she starts (gulp) walking!

Snack Time Things
1.  Kitchen Stitchen, $6.60   I love the blender print! So unique.
2. Our Simple Life, $9.50  No more crumbs in mama's purse!
3. My Eco Baby, $20.00  This will go under her highchair so I don't have to mop the floor daily.
Things for the Nursery
1. Ida Done That Vintage, $12.99  So sweet and perfect for her growing library.
2. Matty Handmade Crafts, $18  Princess Aurora 1920s print on a poster
(which I'd frame in a vintage frame of some sort).
3. Teruki's Treasures, $9.99  No matter what anyone says, i still love the Shabby Chic vintage look, and I plan on redoing Aurora's room for her upcoming 1st birthday...vintage-styled, of course.

Something For Mama
1.  A Lovelly Design (with the lighter green 'pea' and an A initial, of course), $19.50
This necklace is so simple and pretty, but also meaningful.  You can also purchase versions that have more than one pea/leaf!  For now, I just need my one little sweetpea.

What are you getting your little ones this year?  Consider going vintage/'ll save money, save the earth, AND support some wonderful curators and artists.