Sunday, November 7, 2010

Meet Our First "Child"

No, no, no....little Baby C is not here early.
I wanted to introduce you to our first "child"....our puppy, Sophie.

Andrew and I got Sophie about one month after we got married and moved in together.  She's a chihuahua pug mix (a CHUG) and could almost fit in the palm of my hand when we first got her.
Sophie's a quirky little dog.  She is truly only comfortable when she's at home with just Andrew and I.  Or alone.  She likes to have our queen sized bed to herself and only wants to snuggle on HER terms.  She's a cutie though.  A cutie with very bad breath and tendencies to bark at the wind (which scares the crap out of me--no matter how many times she cries wolf, I can't help but run to the window to make sure there's no one lurking on our porch).
Sophie lounging with Andrew
Dogs have such great instincts.  I swear she knew I was pregnant before even I knew...and I don't think she was very excited about it.  I promised myself I would love her just the same, even when a "real" baby was in the picture...but I must confess that I have become more and more neglectful of her and less and less tolerant of her "quirks" as the months have passed.  Poor girl.
So this is my apology to Sophie:  I love the way you jump on the bed and nuzzle your  face into my neck every morning.  I love when I come home from work and you shyly wag your tail and roll over onto your back for a belly rub.  And I love having you as my little couch companion, so I never feel like I'm home alone.  I promise to give you more treats and let you run free in the yard more.  You will always be our "first" and you are going to be a great big sis.

"Cousin" Aurora, attempting to love on Sophie