Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby Bump Fashion Frustrations

I have always loved clothes.  Getting dressed in the morning is usually something I enjoy.  A creative outlet.   In the beginning of my pregnancy I promised myself that I would be a "cute pregnant lady".  No slacking on the clothes/hair/make up.  
But admittedly, perusing all my favorite style blogs and reading the monthly fashion mags has become a bit depressing.  My wardrobe right  I love showing off the baby bump, but my fashion sense has definitely fallen by the wayside as the months have passed. 
Funny thing is, I'm technically in the "maternity fashion" business via Miskabelly.  In fact, we have some AMAZING pieces in our shop right now for mamas-to-be.  And all are totally on-trend.  Here a two of my faves:

This vintage red ethnic print maxi dress is super similar to one that Liv Tyler was spotted wearing this summer.  Empire waist, whimsical print and ruffled hem.  I may just have to test drive it before it sells!

Vintage Red Ethnic Print Maxi Dress, $30

(Liv Tyler pic found on

I really do love the cut of a empire waist maxi dress for a pregnant body.  Slim on the top and full at the bottom.  I guess that's why we've been keeping them stocked in our shop.  Here's my other favorite in this style (also seen in my week 33 photo op!) it's a bit sick of me to use a pic of the teeny tiny teeny bopper, Vanessa Hudgens for my comparison dress--but she definitely has a "boho" style that I think works well for pregnancy fashion.  Our version of the dress is a bit more modest on top--and perfect for this cooler weather!

(Vanessa Hudgens pic found on

I think from here on out, I'm going to be a little more brave with my fashion choices.  It's kind of fun to think of dressing up your "bump" in bright ethnic prints and exaggerated silhouettes.  And of course, VINTAGE!  

Stay tuned for some additional weekly photos to see how my fashion choices that I'm in the home stretch!

Have a lovely weekend!