Monday, November 8, 2010

Steppin' Out on a (Sunday)

Another crazy busy Saturday without an outfit post (soccer games, grading, photographing items for the shop, and cleaning our house/yard to get ready for a campfire!), but Sunday happened to be special, so I had to share.

Q & I celebrated our 6 month weddnig anniversary on Thursday...except we didn't celebrate.  Trying to make anything happen during the work week takes at least a month of advanced planning.  We had Sunday completely open--and with an "extra" hour to boot--so Q planned a little daytrip out of town.  It was a secret!  I just got dressed (comfortably, at his suggestion) and got in the car.  He even packed up Aurora's stuff for the day.

It was a lovely, sunny fall drive to Strasburg, Virginia where Q's plans were:  adorable coffee shop (where we worked on our wedding party thank you' almost a month and a half late. oops.)  ANTIQUE MALL.  Lunch:  my choice.  It was perfect.

Here's what (we) wore:
 me (having a grunge-casual day):
  gray tee (?), flannel-thrifted, army jacket-UO, jeans-Seven, Converse All-Stars, scarf I've had forever, bag-Coach (thrifted and coming to our shop soon!)

 Q wore (and will probably be embarrassed to be on display as a fashion icon):   
Jeans (?), Converse All-Stars, button up-Tommy Hilfiger, Vest- Columbia
Aurora wore:   
Carter's onesie, Gap army cargos (thrifted), knit hat (thrifted), Robees shoes, pink hoodie (gift)

my delicious cappuccino at Cristina's Cafe

I found several fantastic clothing items for the Miskabelle shop, but Q and I also found some things for our kitchen.  We'd be hunting for canisters FOREVER and these copper-lidded ones were so cool that we had to have them:

They just so happened to be sitting on top of this breadbox--which is light pink, but that we also loved (and are planning to paint since it kind of clashes with our green kitchen).

Q spent a good chunk of the evening polishing the copper on these babies with an old toothbrush while we watched some Friday Night Lights and I graded assignments for my online classes (laaaame). It's Monday now and I'm mourning the weekend, but that extra daylight savings hour sure feels great.