Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Recap from A&A

Jayme has been blogging up a storm--but there are actually two of us who design and plan and keep this blog! ha.  We had quite an eventful weekend with Jayme's shower on Saturday (blog to come!) and Halloween on Sunday.

Q and I perused online Halloween costumes in early October and found one that we kind of liked:  a baby mermaid.  I found it on sale on another website and bought it right away.  It was sized 0-9 months, and Aurora is 8 months, so I assumed we'd be golden.  Unfortunately, Aurora JUST fit in it and there was only the tiniest piece of velcro for her to kick right out of.  This was a problem, as was the general boringness of the outfit.  It was cute, but just....not cute enough.

I knew we'd be in Pennsylvania on Halloween morning with my family, and I didn't have time to fix the mermaid costume prior to J's shower.  I still wanted to dress Aurora in the holiday spirit, and I had thrifted a pumpkin onesie for her in September, so she started the day in that outfit.   I topped it off with the cutest vintage beanie (since the onesie didn't come with a matching hat) and took some outdoor photos when we got home.

As soon as we got home, I got to work on Aurora's SECOND costume (yes, this baby has costume changes).  The mundane mermaid was not going to happen.  I got out the sewing machine, needles, thread, felt, stitch witchery (LOVE), and iron and got right to work.  I was in a bit of a rush, and the costume didn't fit Aurora that well to begin with, but I think I definitely gave it a little edge...

And after...seashell bra, tutu, flower iron on flower, and some pearls on the headpiece.  Our little mermaid (with her Little Mermaid truck hand-me-down we just got this weekend!  It was perfect.  She LOVES it.)

I had fun working on her costume, even though sewing is a very frustrating task for me (since I lack the necessary patience).  I look forward to future years when she gets to choose her own costume and we get to find fun ways to create it--together!  But even more than that...I look forward to the Halloweens when she can get a bag full of candy to share with me. Our trick or treaters cleaned us OUT! (Though it's probably for the better, being that I'm also back on Weight Watchers--after six years away--and determined, once and for all, to lose this baby weight! More on that in another blog...)

Amanda (& Aurora)


Hanna said...

I am your newest follower!!!! You blog is adorable and so is your baby girl. You can find me at

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Miskabelle said...

Thank you so much, Hanna! I will be sure to check you out and YES, I would love me some ogrgeous homemade baby stuff! :)