Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A date with the hubby...

This past weekend Andrew took me on a little day-date.  It was a gorgeous afternoon.  We stopped at Starbucks (we are kind of adddicts...) and made our way to the Penn State Arboretum to soak up the sunshine.  Most of the plants are done for the year, but we got to seem some really cool partially-dried foliage that was almost as pretty as plants in full bloom.

The arboretum (which is just a fancy word for garden...) has walking paths and various seating areas.  We found these brightly colored adironack chairs to sit in while we sipped our drinks (decaf caramel macchiato for me, peppermint mocha for Andrew).
It was a low-key date...but these days that's what I crave.  Relaxation.  Alone time with the hubby.  Baby chit-chat.  We talked about how fun it would be to come back in the spring when all the plants were full of flowers....with baby in tow.

We even saw a hot air balloon!  It was such a lovely day, I decided I needed a shot of us together to remember it.  Just me and Andrew.  Oh yeah...and that bulging belly of mine.


P.S.  I must mention--this outfit has pretty much been my go-to pregnancy wardrobe.  Leggings.  Boots.  Long, slim fitting knit top.  Topped off with a scarf and jacket.  (At least the bag and boots are vintage!)


Jen said...

Your outfit is super cute!! I stumbled upon your blog and then Etsy store. Love both! =)

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Thank you!!
Just stalked you a bit ;)....LOVE your illustrations! I just went through your etsy shop and 'hearted' some for xmas shopping gift ideas!

Thanks for reading! xo