Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jayme's Shower!

This post has been a long time comin', since my mom and I threw Jayme's shower over Halloween weekend, but I was a little overwhelmed by life in the meantime and am just sitting down to edit pictures  and share with you about the day!
It was (of course) a gorgeous fall day.  But windy.  In fact, it was so windy that all but one balloon that I purchased for the party blew away before anyone even arrived! The party was very small--just a few friends and family--so we had it at our parents' house. Mom did a heck of a lot of cooking while I helped set up the decorations.  I had been collecting vintage baby stuff and ideas for a month or two.  I didn't go crazy, but the house was sprinkled with special little details:


It was a pretty standard shower--we ate lunch, played a couple games, had dessert and watched Jayme open her presents.

gluten-free carrot cupcakes with cream cheese icing and 
pink marshmallow rice krispy treats

Jayme is a bit introverted, so the party was very relaxed and low key--it really turned out perfect (except I was busy running around doing other stuff and didn't take enough pictures!)
 mom, prepping the salad (in a vintage blouse, thrifted skirt, and cowboy boots)
 Jayme and friends

 lunch time--boys were allowed to eat.

 soon-to-be mama and daddy!

 great grandma and cousin Addison

great grandma and Aurora (who loved munching on the beads we handed out for a game)

Of course, no blog would be complete without some outfit shots from the day...
I'm wearing:  vintage dress and necklace, brown tights (Ross-DKNY) and Fossil heels
Jayme's wearing:  vintage top, belt, and boots, leggings (random) 
you can already tell she's going to be an awesome mom--
look at the smile on Aurora's face!

There are lots more pictures, but I can't share them all here, so I just shared a few of my favorites. Baby day is approaching (can you believe Thanksgiving is almost here?!) and we can't wait to meet this sweet little girl!

Thanks for all your love and good wishes, friends!


Alissa said...

Jayme you don't even look pregnant until you stand sideways!!! You're fooling young impressionable women (like me) into thinking pregnancy is going to be a piece of cake!! haha

But for serious no one deserves all the good things that you've worked for or have come you and Andrews way more than the two of you! So so super happy for you both!!

Miss you,

xoxo Alissa

Amrita said...

I love the decorations !
You two look fabulous, as always.
And Mama Miska too ! :)