Friday, October 8, 2010

CLOSED. Handmade Spotlight & Giveaway: GRACE TYLER DESIGNS

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED!!! Thank you to everyone who entered!  Check out our new giveaways, happening each week on the blog.

 It’s no secret that us Miskabelly ladies LOVE to shop. Since discovering Etsy a couple years ago and then starting our original vintage shop, Miskabelle (lady’s and men’s vintage clothing, shoes and accessories) we have become accustomed to doing a lot of our personal shopping on the site. Part of it is wanting to support our fellow-etsy-sellers and part of it is just because people have some darn cute stuff up for sale!
We wanted to do our part to help promote some of our favorite etsy sellers—and what better way than to give away a sample of their merch to one very lucky reader!

We are super duper excited to introduce our first seller feature/giveaway! Please give a warm welcome to the super sweet Gina of Grace Tyler Designs. Her shop has a lovely assortment of brightly colored handmade good-ness….and a lot of it is for kiddos and babes!

Let’s get to know Gina:

What does your life outside of Etsy/blogging look like? I am a married mother of two children! Kayleigh Grace, 2 and Tyler, 9! I love, love spending time with my family! I have a very full and happy life! Outside of my family time I enjoy reading, dancing, running and creating new things. I also like photography.

Describe yourself (or ask someone else to do it!) in three words: Creative, passionate, caring… Note: My husband answered this for me!!! He’s so sweet!

Fall piece you can’t live without: Scarves, scarves and more scarves! They are such a compliment to any outfit!

Most recent fashion-related purchase: A super cute knit dress from a boutique in Dallas.

Do you craft/make anything else outside of what’s in your shop? Yes! I make dresses, shirts, handbags, scarves and jewelry. In fact, these items will also make it to my Etsy shop. It has taken me a lot of time getting the shop up and running and choosing the right designs to show!

Any pet peeves? When people don’t use their god given talents!

Bad habits? Um…. Shopping!

Desert-island food? Nachos and wine!

Three bands/singers you can’t get enough of: I like all sorts of music! But I cannot live without techno because I run to it.

Another blog you follow regularly: Little Birdie Secrets - - She has some really cool tutorials on her site!

What made you decide to start a shop? I love to share my work. I drive my family crazy with, “look at how cute this is”…. on a daily basis. So, I needed a venue where people could appreciate my work. I think Etsy is such an awesome place to be able to do that. The glory for me is having people love my items but of course it rocks to make a little bit of money for all the materials and effort!

Significance of your shop name? I named my shop after my children. Grace is Kayleigh’s middle name and Tyler is my son’s first name! I just put them together and poof Grace Tyler was born! I like the name because it has a sentimental meaning and it also exudes elegance and strength, which is how I design my items. To be beautiful and delicate but also be able to stand the test of time!

Favorite item in your shop right now: I love the pink satin rose flower. There are so many ways you can use them. In your hair, clip it on purse or scarf… They are so luxurious! 

Gina has graciously offered one of her super cute, vintage-inspired chunky crochet hats (for newborns) AND a super chic clutch that that fits a diaper and travel size wipes case, perfect for on-the-go moms!

They BOTH can be yours…here’s how:
1. Follow our blog! Once you become a follower, just leave a comment below to let us know and also let us know what your favorite item from Grace Tyler Designs is.
2. Follow us on twitter…and again, just a quick comment to let us know you did (with your twitter user name) and tell us your favorite item from Grace Tyler Designs.
3. If you’re already following the blog and our twitter—simply leave a comment, telling us what your favorite item from Grace Tyler Designs is!
4. Once we tweet about the giveaway, you can re-tweet to gain an extra entry!

Multiple entries are allowed (if you want to follow the blog, AND our twitter AND re-tweet, go for it!)
This contest will run through October 15th (one week!).  The winner will be chosen through a random number generator.

Good Luck!!

Manda & Jayme
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I love her travel pillow cases

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My favorite item I saw on the etsy site was the : Frayed Pink Satin Rosette Hair Clip

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My favorite item is : Frayed Pink Satin Rosette Hair Clip

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mvegan said...

I follow you on twitter and also love the pillow cases :) mvegan/mvegan5

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And I love this hat!

A. S. said...

I like "Elegant Diaper and Wipe Clutch"

A. S. said...

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mframe said...

I am a follower and I love the
Vintage Inspired Preemie/Newborn hat

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Follow your blog? Check. My fave is Frayed Pink Satin Rosette Hair Clip. I love the color very much. What a lovely hairclip.

Follow your twitter and make comment? Check! @dinyputri


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Favorite item from Grace's shop is:
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fave: pink satin rose hair flower
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I love your accessories for babies!
If i have a girl, I must get these booties!

I follow as lisa on gmail.

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I follow you on Blogger. I love the
Frayed Pink Satin Rosette Hair Clip.

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the vintage inspired newborn/preemie hat.

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I am following your blog. Love the Vintage Inspired Preemie/Newborn Hat

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My favorite item is the Vintage Inspired Toddler Hat!

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i love the vintage inspired toddler hat in white and yellow :)


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My favorite item is the Pink Satin Rose Hair Flower.

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I became a follower, and my favorite item from Grace Tyler designs is this hat:
(like the one you're giving away)! It is so sweet!
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I am a new follower and my favorite is the Vintage Toddler crocheted hat! The zippee bag is cute too!

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i love the rosette hair clip, too :)
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