Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week 26: Got my mind on my money & my money on my mind

Well, blogosphere, I need some advice.
I am so darn excited to have this little baby, but there is something that has been putting a big of a damper on things.  And it sounds so awful, but honestly to sum it up in a word—it’s MONEY.  Everyone knows that babies are expensive (doctor appointments, hospital bills, diapers, cribs, clothes, etc. etc.) and I’m totally okay with all that (we have insurance and lots of lovely friends and family members to help us with the extras if we need it).  I’m just stressing about quitting my day job. 
Don’t get me wrong—I’m certainly NOT a workaholic!  And I really don’t contribute all that much to our total income.  But I do contribute a little…and it’s going to be weird to pull off the band-aid, quit my job, and suddenly not have those paychecks coming in every other week.  I keep telling myself “We’ll make it work” but there’s this guilt looming over my head.  I can’t picture sitting at home and watching Andrew leave for work every morning.  But I know that being a mom is A LOT of work.  And I’ve always said that I wanted to stay at home with my babies, rather than paying someone else to take care of them (which is just a preference I have!  I totally understand that not everyone feels that way and I don’t mean to offend anyone!).  I am also excited to have more time to work on Miskabelly/Miskabelle stuff, and hopefully make it more of a career (so I’ll be a WAHM (work at home mom) instead of a SAHM (stay at home mom)).  So I guess I have made my choice.  I want to stay at home.  I just want some reassurance that I’m not being irrational (I mean, hormones can do crazy things to a gal’s mind!). 
The main advice that I need now is when to actually quit working.  My due date is December 28th…so if all goes as planned, I will be on Christmas break when baby arrives anyway.  So should I work up until the last minute?  Or should I give myself a few weeks to get things together?….(plan for the holidays!) and just enjoy my last days as a single unit, without a baby attached to my hip?  Because when I really start to think about it, our lives are about to change forever.  Andrew and I as just a couple, will be no more.  We will be a family.  Which I love.  But I love it now, as just the two of us (and the pup!) too.  And I kind of want to savor it just a bit longer.  But the sooner I begin to “savor”….the sooner the bills are going to start piling up.  Oh Money, why must you go and ruin all the fun??

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer (and furthermore, to make it about such a passé topic as money….eeps).  On a good note—I’m at 26 weeks.  14 weeks to go.  Feelin' good.  Gettin' excited.  Ready or not…here comes baby!

In these photos:  Vintage striped boat neck tee, Levi's jeans, vintage belt and vintage cowboy boots

This week I feel like my clothes are all getting too small.  The jeans in the photo are unbuttoned (and partially unzipped) and being held up by the belt on its last hole.  The top gives a bit of a bare midriff and when I tug it down to cover my belly, it has sort of a tent-like effect (which makes it hard to see the roundness of the bump!  But I swear....it's growing!).

Thanks for reading and thanks for voting!

P.S. Yes, I did just quote Snoop Dogg in my blog title.


Jessica said...

You may want to work right up until you pop but once you hit 33 weeks you won't be so keen! I had intended on working up until 38 weeks but I developed pre eclampsia and had to stop at 36 weeks.. I ended up having emergency c section at 38 weeks so if I had lasted at work that long I would have barely gotten any time to prepare.. I recommend finishing up a little early, you will get very tired and you should make the most of the sleep ins while u can!
Congrats, good luck and u have a very cute wee bump!!!

Jessica said...

i'm meant to add I was wanting to work right up to the end, but baby's health is way more important than a paycheck!