Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 24 (6 months!): Getting the Hang of This

Six months sounds like a pretty big deal huh?  Three months left in the often talked about “9 months” of pregnancy.  Well, what most people don’t realize is that a full term pregnancy lasts 40 weeks….which is more like 10 months.  So in the realm of proper pregnancy countdowns, I actually have 16 weeks to go (unless the little lady decides to come a bit early…which would be SO okay with me!).
The days of morning sickness are behind me now (so weird thinking about those first couple months and how I thought I’d be sick forever) and I’m really starting to be able to actually ENJOY having a bun in the oven.  My skin has been awesome (though the makeup I haven’t been using to cover up break-outs is being utilized to cover the dark circles under my eyes—I feel lucky on nights that I only have to get up to pee once!), I’m really enjoying food (though still have only gained 2 pounds…weird?), and my “bump” is to a point where I’m getting polite smiles from strangers (and slightly off-putting looks from students that I see each day since I work at a university…nothin’ like being mistaken for a knocked up undergrad! ha). I’ve finally leapt into the process of “nesting”—which I will be sharing in on the blog (click here to see my first project, homemade ceiling decor!).  For my second project, I spent labor day weekend re-painting a dresser for the baby’s room and daydreaming of other ideas for my garden-themed nursery.  I've also been hearing talk of a baby shower being planned for me by my mom and sis….so much fun baby stuff going on!  So this is what everyone has been talking about--loving being pregnant and it being “the best” time of their life?  Not sure if I’m THAT in love with it yet, but at least I’m finally getting the hang of it.

 In these photos:  embellished tank top by Free People, vintage maxi skirt & a mish mash jewelry that I’ve had forever.  (Not sure about this outfit....a little gypsy meets renaissance fair.  Getting tired of looking at my summer wardrobe--SO looking forward to autumn clothing!


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