Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Week 27: Patience is a virtue

I found out I was pregnant in the Spring. Summer has now come and gone. Autumn is finally starting to show its face. Baby is expected to arrive in the winter. That means I will be pregnant during every season! That also means that pregnancy lasts a darn long time.

I had sort of a “moment” this past weekend. [Ok…so I’ve had quite a few of said “moments” since becoming pregnant and having my body be overtaken by hormones.] Getting dressed on Saturday morning I could not find anything I felt comfortable wearing. There I was, walking around in my skivvies, screaming bloody murder, rummaging through my drawers.
“I am sick of being pregnant!”
Yep, not even 7 months in, and it’s already come to this. Sounds so silly….so unfounded. In fact, I feel guilty for even thinking it, let alone saying it out loud. I am LUCKY and BLESSED to be pregnant. Andrew and I wanted a baby so badly and now we have a little one on the way! I am thankful. But I’m also impatient….
So I’m thinking of GOOD things about waiting another 3 months. Here’s my list:
1. More time to “nest”….that nursery needs a LOT of work! Tonite we are going to register for some goodies and maybe pick up some supplies for another DIY project.
2. More time to be pampered (seriously….I get foot massages from hubby on demand now!) and people in general are extra nice to us pregos.
3. More time for baby to grow and get nice and healthy so when she comes out she is strong and ready to face the world.
4. More time to mentally prepare….because as difficult as being pregnant is, I have a feeling being a mommy will be worlds more difficult.


In these photos: yellow H&M sweater dress, vintage necklaces, vintage belt, vintage loafers (for sale in our shop!)

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kayemkay said...

jayme, you are adorable!