Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Week 25: Happy Birthday to Me!

That's me in the photo!

It's my 27th birthday today!  I've never been one to really be all that open about telling people it's my birthday or making a big deal of it....but secretly I really do love having MY day!  This year is little different...people keep reminding me of how this is my last birthday that will really be all about me (because next year there will be another little girl in town...one who will be cuter and more attention-needy that even me on my birthday!).  

Baby, on the other hand is 25 weeks old today!  One week closer to THE birth-day!
This weekend, as a pre-birthday celebration, Andrew took me shopping.  I found tons of super-soft, super-long, long-sleeved t-shirts (I recently got out my fall clothes and was sort of astonished at how tiny they were on me!  Even with my miniature baby-bump...).  We also indulged in our first piece of baby clothing--a tiny long-sleeved onesie with a vintage-looking deer print (picked out by hubby : ).  I can't stop looking at and picking it up every time I go in the nursery.  It's so hard to believe a little baby will be wearing it in a few months!  

We have another ultrasound on Thursday and I am SO excited to see my little girl again!  My belly has gotten bigger (eventually I will muster up the courage to show the bare belly) and my belly button is on the verge of popping!  Too funny.  
This week's photos were taken by Andrew on my lunch break.  The dress is a bit short for work...and very "it's my birthday!" loud.  But it IS vintage (very 60's mod looking) and I was waiting for a special day to wear it.  It certainly got me lots of attention in the [pretty conservative] office--many comments of "Wow...your dress is...bright!"  haha.  I paired it with textured tights (they are a pale tan...which, now that I look at the photo makes it look like my legs are in dire need of some sun) and my most comfortable boots...which need to be retired because they are looking quite worn-out and sloppy. On a positive note, I got my first hair cut in over a year!!  Makes me feel so put-together and fresh. :)

In these photos:  vintage watercolor print mini dress, vintage leather belt, textured tights, vintage pixie boots

That's all for now...must go relax and soak up the last hours of MY birthday (a gluten free lasagna is on the menu!!  YUM).  Check in Thursday for a mini-update after our visit to the doc's.  Hope you're enjoying this lovely day as much as I am!



eviandesign said...

i just love coming to your blog and checking in on your sweet-sweet pre-mom outfits! your belly is just perfect! and i love your birthday outfit!

Miskabelle said...

Thank you Sarah!!