Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Vintage Baby v.5

Things are bit in limbo around these parts.... You may have noticed the redesign of the blog header/background.  We hope to polish it up a bit still!
I'm also still working out my new camera.  My brain can't handle all the 'aperture', 'ISO', etc. lingo...so right now I'm still using it on the auto-setting.  These days, the simpler the better.  I'm feeling an overwhelming amount of unwarranted stress.  So silly.  Remember a couple posts ago when I talked about setting "mama goals"?  Turns out, if those said-goals don't get accomplished I feel more stressed than if I hadn't set the goals to begin with.  So let's just focus on the good right now.  Miss Lyla Georgette, looking sweet in a little vintage sweater:

I tried to complete the outfit with her vintage white sandals but she kept kicking them off!  Babies will be babies I suppose.  That pretty quilt she's lounging on was made by my great-aunt.  I can't get over how many pretty things this little lady already has!  She is spoiled.  And she totally deserves it.



Merit said...

I love the blanket. She's a cutie.

Cara said...

What a sweet little bebe!!! Loving how the new blog design is coming. :)

Baby Favors said...

such a beauty she is..Lovely!

MissShapes said...

What a little peach!! I also love the blanket and the dress--too cute!