Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Aurora Style: The Hipster

Recently, I took to our big thrift store to buy Aurora almost a whole new wardrobe for spring/summer. She has outgrown just about all of her onesies and pants and shoes!  Luckily, my thrift has a substantial and awesome selection of both vintage and modern kiddo stuff.

I found this top and pants for Aurora--the peasant shirt is just OshKosh Kids, but the pants are vintage!  Cotton parachute pants, with elastic at the bottom and waistband.  The print is kittens peeking out of 80s (early 90s?) is that?!  The sandals are vintage and they came in Aurora's Easter basket this year.  As you can see from the photos, it took her a little while to warm up. Now that she walks, it's hard to get her to stay still! As soon as she's standing, she's off!  But I was lucky to get a few shots of this fun outfit.

peasant shirt, printed pants, leather gladiators--all thrifted.
Aurora has really been keeping us busy--she's running, not walking, and she talks almost non stop.  She will say back almost any word you say to her (or at least, try to say it!).  Which means:  it's time to be more careful with our language around here when we're frustrated/mad!  Seeing her understand a new word is so fun.  One of her favorite new phrases (thanks to her grandma, who watched her for a few nights while Q and I celebrated our anniversary in Cape May) is "Good girl!" (which she pronounces like guh-gull).  We say it to her a lot to affirm when she does good things (stops touching something she shouldn't touch, lifts up her legs when we're changing her diaper, eats all of her food).  Another favorite word (and item), which she learned around Easter, is: "BEAN!" as in, jelly bean.  A jelly bean is a special treat that makes her very excited. Just mention the word "bean" in conversation, and it's all over...

So there are some Aurora tales and Aurora fashion!  Coming soon, a tour of her nursery (finally)!

Amanda & aurora


Anonymous said...

looove the pants! what a doll!

Amanda said...

Thank you! xo