Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Wednesdays aren't exactly my favorite day of the week.  It's the point in the week where my renewed energy from the previous weekend has depleted and the upcoming weekend seems way too far away.  Today wasn't all that bad though.

1.  When catching up on my blog roll I noticed one of my favorite blogs, Smile and Wave had photos the author, Rachel's adorable son, Sebastian wearing a Miskabelly shirt.  She was also so kind as to include a link to our shop!

I love this segment on Smile and Wave, Vintage Here, Vintage There.  SUCH a cute family!

2.  I've made a breakthrough with Lyla's nap time situation.  Since she only will nap while being held (which is sweet...but makes for an unproductive day), I found that if I carry her around in her Beco front carrier she will fall asleep and sleep so soundly that I can get lots of work done!  I spent this afternoon making some chocolate covered strawberries to add to a little anniversary picnic basket gift for Amanda and her hubby (hopefully she doesn't read this before I give her them!).

3.  I am LOVING experimenting with the new camera!  I'm still learning, but even just messing around I have gotten lucky and captured some lovely shots.  

Here's to the end of this mid-week slump!