Monday, May 2, 2011

My Vintage Baby v.3

I am in love with this little embroidered tunic.  It is currently for sale in our shop but after seeing it on Lyla I'm tempted to keep it!  The little minnetonka-esque booties are also vintage; a gift from her Aunt Amanda.  They still are a little big, but not so much so that they look ridiculous...and I'm excited that she'll still get some months of wear out of them!  The leggings are hand-me-downs from Aurora, from Baby Gap.  Not sure where that little carrot-top hair is coming from!  
This is my first set of photos with the new camera (finally gave in and got a DSLR).  I'm determined to really learn how to use it well and make the most of all the features it has to offer.  So please bear with me as I'm learning... 



Amy said...

I LOVE her! How old is she? My daughter is 6 mo. today. I think they would be friends. That tunic is beautiful! I'm tempted to buy some stuff from your Etsy site, but I don't want the hubs to see me spending the cash. ;-) ::sigh:: I wanna be rich.

Miskabelle/Miskabelly said...


Thank you! She is just about 5 months (ack!! can't believe it...). Your little girl is 6 months?? She looks so tiny! For some reason I thought she was younger than Lyla. She is a little sweetie too! : )

Mrs. Brandy De La Cruz said...

She is so beautiful!!!