Monday, February 21, 2011

Two Months.

February 19th was the official "2 month" mark for Lyla (since she was born on the 19th of December...but she's actually closer to 9 weeks if you count each Sunday since the Sunday she was born.  Confused?  Yeah, me too).  I want to say "Wow...I just can't believe she's already two months old" but really I can.  I already can't even really remember what our lives were like before she was here. Kind of.  
Lyla finally has started to smile--open mouthed gummy grins that melt my heart!  She is quite the strong-willed little baby.  She has the lungs of an opera singer (=LOUD crier) and the energy of a marathon runner (=can kick around for hours and hours without sleep) .  But I could stare at her forever.  And snuggle her all day long.  She is the sweetest girl and we love her endlessly!

She loves baths.

She is a total daddy's girl.

She is finally outgrowing some of her newborn size clothes.

She likes to be fed at least every two hours...and look out if she doesn't get her 'milks'!

She is a CHAMP at  tummy time.

She loves going for walks.

She is definitely a "morning person."

We can't wait to watch her grow more and more (but not too fast little lady!).    


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Katy @ Wiggle Wagon Blog said...

I love her morning face. She's so precious.

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

That is definitely one of my favorites! Sleepy faced babies are the cutest, especially with bed-head!