Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cousin-ly Love

This weekend was the second time Lyla (my 8 week old baby girl) and Aurora (Amanda's one year old) "met".  Their first meeting was Lyla's first few days after birth and Aurora showed little interest in the motionless doll in a constant state of sleep.  What a difference a month makes!  Not only in the girls' individual personalities, but also their interaction with one another.  Aurora is now "talking" up a storm (some of my favorites include "ching chong" and "rhwow!" [wow]) and Lyla is now, um, crying up a storm.  Aurora would even mimic Lyla's crying sounds (already picking on her cousin!!).  I'm so excited to see the age gap get smaller and smaller as they get bigger and bigger.

"why, hello there!"

kisses (swoon!)

LOVE these girls!!!


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Rici said...

This is too cute for words! Toddler (wow! I'm saying that now too, girl!) kisses for babies are beyond adorable! Both of the girls are beautiful!