Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Mama Uniform

I read a lot of blogs.  Mostly fashion (outfit posts/street style/etc.) and mama/baby blogs.  Recently I've noticed the two kinda blending together--lots of mamas out there showing off their style!  I must admit, since having Lyla I have been the least 'in style' that I've ever been.  I don't get out much which means I don't have a reason to look 'stylish' --though I do put on makeup, fix my hair and put on figure-flattering clothes for my husband.  Eh, that sounded weird.  I mean, I don't just bum around in baggy sweats.... putting on some nice-fitting jeans is easy and makes me feel like I at least sort of look good!  Another challenge to getting dressed each day:  easy access for breast feeding.  That means something low cut or that has buttons up the front!  Here's a look at my 'mama uniform'.

HAT- if I'm going on in public and haven't had a chance to shower (hey, that's what happens when you have a baby!).  Also keeps me warm since I am easily-chilled, even indoors.

BUTTON UP BLOUSE- easy access for breast feeding!  This one's vintage.

CARDIGAN- again, warmth is key for me! And pullover sweaters aren't really doable for ease in nursing a baby on the fly.

JEANS- yes, boring.  I love all the cute dresses/skirts and tights that my fav bloggers wear...but realistically jeans are just easier (and warmer!).

FLAT BOOTS- it will not stop snowing here in Pennsylvania!  So boots are a must and the flat variety work well for not falling on my face when I'm toting around a baby.

Also note:  hairbands on wrists (I permanently have them affixed there) and vintage braided belt (to make me feel like I accessorized when necklaces are out of the question)

Lyla's just wearing some good old stretchy pants and a onesie.  With that face who's even looking at her outfit anyway? ; )

I did actually venture out to Target today.  Lyla cried most of the trip.  I bought some Starburst jelly beans that turned out to be stale and yucky flavors (I don't recommend the tropical mix!).  So yeah, FAIL on all accounts.  But hey, the sun was out and it was nice to feel like part of mankind again!  Minus all the crazies that flock to you when you're carting around a cute little baby....

I finally captured a smile on camera!!


kristen said...

cute boots! I should look into getting a pair of flat boots...ditto on the tropical starbursts. I'm not a fan of them either.

Jayme/Miskabelly said...


Thank you!! Ah hubby brought me home some original flavor so I just tossed the rest of the bag! haha