Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Super Thrift Find: Nursery Edition

Mondays are 25% off days at my favorite thrift nearby.  That means it's really crowded and disorderly, but if you can brave it, you'll often come away with a few really great finds for extra cheap.

Yesterday, Aurora and I went at lunch time, and we found a little gift awaiting us in the furniture section:  a kiddo-sized armchair with a rocking bottom!  I shoved it (awkwardly) into the cart and made my way to the checkout.  It was priced at $14.99, and with 25% off, that made it...well, really cheap.

As soon as I set it down on the kitchen floor when we got home, Aurora climbed on.  She rocked in it and climbed all over it.  I moved it into her room and finally found a place for the vintage blanket I've been wanting to display.  Now, her nursery is almost done (my parents are coming down for the weekend, which provided some extra motivation!). A nursery tour to come, but today, I just wanted to share Aurora's Chair!

I think she likes it!

Hi, Mama!
Reading "Where is Baby's Belly Button?" (one of our favorites)
"Where's baby's mouth?" "Behind the cup!"
Climbing up to make it rock!
My sweet girl.

I love that Aurora has a little room (and chair!) of her own.  I see many hours of story reading and stuffed animal snuggling in her future.



Misty said...

I love the pictures! She looks so excited (and adorable)!

The Church of Vintage said...

What a great find! And those are the sweetest photos!