Thursday, March 17, 2011

Sleepy Bear

Nothing is cuter than a sleep-eyed, bed-headed baby.
Here is my sleepy baby in a super-soft vintage layette.

I found this little nightie while thrifting for Miskabelly shop and just couldn't let it go.  What makes it even sweeter?  Lyla matches this adorable vintage bear piggy bank (or I guess it would just be "bear bank" but that sounded weird...) that Amanda got me for my baby shower.  

I am so smitten with my little sleepy bear.



Amanda said...

I'm smitten too...ONE WEEK!!!

xo Sis

tia said...

too cute! I have big sleepy head munchkins, 3 and soon to be 5 who crawl into bed with me every morning to wake me up and demand breakfast!!

I love your blog.
be a friend ;)

Miskabelle said...


Awww thanks for reading! Can't wait to check out your blog (so far--LOVE the banner! So cute.)

Cara said...

SO so cute!!! I have a niece who is just barely older than Lyla and so many of the pics you post remind me of her!!!

Such a beautiful little girl!