Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Generation to Generation

My parents came to visit Virginia this weekend. We had a fantastic time eating, going to the Farmer's Market, eating, antiquing, and of course, playing with Aurora (and....eating)!  Last time I went to this antiquing/thrift spot, I found the cutest little lamb figurine for Aurora's room:

 I decided to make it an antiquing tradition, to find something for Aurora's room.  She has quite the mix of vintage, thrifted, and modern/new stuff in her nursery.  I found the perfect little companion to her lamb at the very same antique shop:

isn't he cute? he even has a little furry tuft of hair on top of his head!

Every family visit has become an opportunity for my parents to clean out their basement (which is still full of a lot my junk), and this time, they brought some things from my own childhood that I could now give to Aurora: a little kiddo wicker patio set and a rocking horse that my Uncle Jeff made for me.

It also reminded me of other childhood relics I have been sharing with Aurora. My mom was good at saving just the right amount of clothing in the bottom of her cedar chest for both me and Jayme.  When I start packing up some of Aurora's stuff now, I have difficulty getting rid of anything! Every little outfit holds a memory.  Plus, if my next baby is a girl, I can't let go of all of these sweet pink outfits yet.

a little trinket box...I'm a February birthday too, just 4 days after Aurora's!
a little t-shirt collection...shh, don't tell Jayme about the #1 Daughter top!
one of my baby bracelets
 I love seeing Aurora with all of these things.  It also got me to thinking about the intangible things that I want (and don't want) to pass down to her.  I hope she has my thick hair, sense of humor, and intelligence.  I hope she doesn't have: My thighs. My tendency to doubt myself and my abilities. My lack of common sense/clumsiness.

Of course, a few of those "bad" qualities are inevitable, but at least now I have the skills to provide her with some coping strategies! (Except for the thighs...when the pear-shape is passed down, there's pretty much no escaping it.)



tia said...

I absolutely adore that wicker patio set. holy moly. lucky lady!