Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Out and About

Currently it is raining cats and dogs, my toes are frozen and all I've wanted to do today is curl up under a blanket and sleep.  But Lyla is grumpy and won't sleep for more than ten minutes at a time so today has been spent sitting on the couch, nursing a baby all day.
BUT yesterday...yesterday was lovely!  The sun was out and Lyla and I got all gussied up to meet Sandi for a coffee date.  It was so refreshing to 1.  get out of the house  2.  get to see my friend (our coffee/lunch dates used to be a weekly occurrence and I miss them so!)  3.  be inside a Starbucks (since Lyla was born, Andrew just runs in and gets us our drinks.  BEFORE she was born we spent so much time there that the baristas knew our drinks--some even knew our names.  While I was waiting for Sandi to arrive one barista even came over to see Lyla and asked "Is this her first trip to Starbucks?" haha).

left: me (in vintage sweater and belt!), Lyla, and a decaf vanilla latte;  middle:  Lyla, passed out on the way home;
 right:  Sandi and a pucker-faced Lyla

It was amazing to be able to do something from my "old life" and bring my baby girl along. I felt like I was waking from a coma.  I felt human again.  There's only so much time you can spend holed up on the couch with a baby before you get a little stir crazy.
I can't wait to continue these outings and sharing my life with my little girl.