Monday, March 14, 2011

Girls Night Out

I bet that title conjures up all kinds of images--wearing high heels, dancing on tables, taking tequila shots, staying out till all hours of the night.... These days it's more like:  I actually brushed my hair for once, I had human contact with someone other than Lyla or Andrew, I had A GLASS of wine,  I ventured out of the house to do something other than get groceries....  But I'm okay with that!  It was a great evening.
I met two of my oldest friends (Sandi and Jess) to celebrate Sandi's birthday (which was February 9th... so the celebration was WAY overdue!).  We had dinner and wine and got caught up on each other's everyday lives.  I love these girls!  I feel like I can just be myself with them.

left: Sandi enjoying her meal, middle: me and Jess, right: the birthday girl in her pretty outfit!

I was disappointed I forgot my camera--so I settled for some camera phone pics.  Here's where we play pass-around-the-phone-and-take-photos-of-each-other!

Andrew held down the fort with Lyla--pretty sure they spent the evening watch some type of sporting event on TV (I think he secretly wants her to be an athlete!  Trust me....she wouldn't get that quality from her momma). I was totally relaxed being away from home, knowing he was there with her.  He is a great daddy!  

I'm looking forward to more "girl time" as Lyla continues to mature--and not need me to hold her every minute of the day!  I am so thankful to have friends that are super understanding--and don't hate me for being pretty much MIA for the past 3 months.  Love ya, ladies!