Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Review: The First Years Happy Hippos Jet Stroller

We are thrilled to be able to partner with CSN.com for some reviews and giveaways this year.  I was in the market for a comfortable, lightweight stroller (the secondhand one we'd purchased only had a three point harness and Aurora did not seem to like it at all).  I perused the site and there were a lot of options for a lot of different mama lifestyles.

I also wanted a stroller that was reasonably priced (under $50) and lightweight.  So when I happened upon The First Years Happy Hippos Jet Stroller, I knew this was "the one."  It hits all of my needs AND it's adorable!

The stroller is only 11 pounds, even with the double sets of wheels. The brakes are extremely sturdy and easy to use. The seat is extra wide and even tilts back for long rides when your little one falls asleep.  The five point harness is safe and comfortable. The handles are extra long and softly cushioned.  Did I mention how cute the print is?! (It also comes in 5 other color schemes/patterns!)

As far as additional conveniences, I love the organizer on the handles--it has a zipper pocket and plenty of room for snacks and drinks.  My only disappointment with the stroller is the storage under the base.  There is not much room if your baby is sitting upright--only if they're tilted.

Otherwise, we have been using this stroller regularly (even out in the cold with our JJ Cole Bundle Me) and Aurora and I both love it:
 in the parking lot, on her way to do some thrifting with mama

 look at that smile--she loves it!

 the shade really comes in handy with the bright winter sun...

..and the harness is much cozier.

As far as my experience with CSN, I couldn't recommend the site enough.  The shipping was reasonable (and fast), they had a ton of options, a lot of information and comparisons about various strollers, and a TON of great prices on baby stuff.
Want to get your hands on this stroller (or other baby stuff from CSN)?  Stay tuned to the blog...

Amanda (&Aurora)

P.S.  We are open to reviewing any and all baby products for our readers on the blog if we think they would be beneficial--just drop us an email:  miskabelle  (at)  gmail  (dot) com.

  This review is completely my opinion in terms of the product and The First Years has not paid/sponsored me to review the stroller. This stroller was purchased through a CSN promo--the review of the company/site has been compensated.