Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First "Night Out" Sans Baby

It has been a month since little Lyla has come into our lives and forever changed them.  A month of camping out on the couch with snacks, the TV remote, my blackberry, and of course--a baby in my lap.  
This past Saturday Andrew and I took the plunge and had our first trip into the real world withOUT baby in tow.  The night consisted of leaving Lyla with Andrew's mom for an hour or two to have dinner at one of our favorite local restaurants (Kelly's Steak and Seafood).

Sooooo...being this is a 'vintage fashion blog' I figured we needed to start sharing a little more about our personal style.  Cue the weekly outfit posts!  I'm still kind of slowly getting back to my pre-pregnancy style--I have missed wearing jeans SO much, so they are definitely my go-to piece, now that they fit again!  Boring, I know.

In these photos:  vintage 3/4 sleeve coat (for sale at Miskbelle), vintage dolman sleeve beaded sweater, jeans by Tyler Skye,  boots from Aldo, vintage geometric leather clutch  *I'm really workin' that signature 'head tilt' huh?

Lyla was NOT feeling the camera--but I wanted to get a few snaps of me and my girl.  I love getting her dressed everyday (though her wardrobe right now is limited since she's super tiny....she has SO many cute things that I'm dying for her to wear once she grows into them).

Stay tuned for more outfit posts--from both me AND Miss Lyla (and Manda and Aurora too!).... I promise my new-mama style will evolve beyond denim.


P.S.  The evening was a success!  Dinner was delicious and relaxing (I even had a glass of wine AND dessert!) and Lyla was a good little babe for her grandma.  Of course. : )


Amber said...

you look amazing. happy that you went out on a date with the hubby. Lyla is precious

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Thanks dear!!

Erika said...

what's up hottie? :) you look so skinny and happy!

mum said...

hey you look happy and sweet
best of luck for your future..