Saturday, January 29, 2011

Adventures in Non-Thrifting

Our plan today was to go thrift store shopping: wake up, get dressed, travel to a cute little nearby town, get coffee at the local coffee shop, pop Lyla in her stroller and shop for some vintage goodies.  The reality of today:  we woke up to snow, didn’t get out the door till close to 3:00 and decided to forgo our thrifting in favor of a trip to the [nosogreat] mall down the street from our house (oh, and Andrew ventured out for Starbucks while I fed Lyla—as new parents we are CERTAINLY not skipping the coffee).  Lyla had a mini-meltdown while we shopped and I must admit, Andrew and I were pretty flustered.  We were literally sweating bullets.  Ack.
SO.  My planned blog post was “Baby’s First Thrift Store Trip”….and since that didn’t happen, I want to share some finds of a SUCCESSFUL thrift store shopping momma- my lovely sis. 
I love getting little packages from Amanda in the mail!  Usually they are for business purposes (if we sell multiple items to one customer and part of the order is at her house and part is at mine) but she always slips in a little surprise for me and/or Lyla and a sweet little note.  {I heart my sister.}

Amanda in her vintage Navajo print sweater

Amanda owns a vintage sweater similar to this one she sent me last week—a bell sleeved, Navajo print cardigan.  She gets a ton of wear out of hers (the perfect add-on to spruce up a boring outfit!) so she was excited to find one for me.

In these photos: vintage sweater, Silpada necklace, thrifted lace blouse, vintage belt, American Apparel skirt, Minnetonka boots

As I mentioned in my last outfit post, Lyla is still growing in to her ‘vintage collection’.  The little tshirt dress she’s wearing here is thrifted, but not vintage.  (Lyla’s little rose hair clip is from My Cakies!)

 Part of her ‘collection’ includes THE cutest vintage baby minnetonkas—also thrifted/gifted from her Auntie Amanda!  Can’t wait till we can wear our matching shoes (though I’m not totally down with mommy-daughter matching….I’ll steer clear of the hand-sewn floral dresses with doily collars).  Maybe by the time she fits into these shoes, we’ll be able to do some thrifting of our own—sans meltdowns (but still with coffee).

Hope you're having a great weekend!