Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lyla Georgette is ONE.

Lyla turned ONE on Monday!  It has been a wonderful, crazy, stressful but amazing past year and like all moms say--it has flown by!!  Her birthday being so close to Christmas already has caused me enough stress to last a lifetime.  To have a party after Christmas when more family would be town?  Celebrate on her actual birthday?  Have two celebrations?  We went with the small, on-her-actual-birthday celebration.  Small and simple.  Lyla had a blast!  

I had a clothesline hanging with our Christmas cards, which I switched out for the day with photos of the birthday girl from each month.  I made her cakes (one for the guests and one for Lyla to have to herself) from a box.  And I made her a paper and markers birthday sign (something I'm sort of known for in my family--I would make birthday signs for my mom, dad and sister's birthdays each year and I try to make one for Andrew when I remember!).  

Oh, I also made a little party hat from scrapbook paper.  Lyla wasn't a huge fan so she didn't really wear it for the party.  Oh well! 

So, as in the first photo you may have noticed, when asked "How old are you?", Lyla puts up her little finger!  Little smarty.  See also below (top right corner photo), Lyla has taken to making the most awful/hilarious face when getting her picture taken!  Seems like all babies go through that phase.  It's like a scrunched up, wrinkled nose face.  Aurora was doing it at around 10 months.  Does anyone else have a baby who did this?

Oh the presents.  This baby has so many toys...and I can't even imagine what our living room will look like after Christmas.  We gave Lyla a little stuffed Elmo (she says "Melmo?!" when we watch clips from Sesame Street) and sure enough she recognized the little guy when she peeled open the wrapping paper to reveal "Melmo".  She has been carrying him around the house ever since.  

The token baby-eating-cake-on-her-first-birthday photos:

Happy first birthday to my little angel!    You are everything I could have ever hoped for and more!



Cora's Corner said...

Happy birthday!!!!!

Meridith said...

This is so sweet Jayme! Happy (belated) birthday to Lyla

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