Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Week 37: Soon soon soon

So I have a confession to make:  This is the second week in a row where after shooting my photos I thought to myself “Hopefully that’s the last time I take bump pics…”   What can I say?  I AM READY.  
Having a baby is probably THE biggest/craziest/noteworthy things anyone could ever do.  It is unfathomable how in an instant, your life completely changes.  Until I’m actually holding this little girl in my arms and seeing her with my own two eyes, I don’t think I’ll be able to grasp the fact that all of this is real.  Obviously I am BEYOND excited.
As much as I can’t wait for Baby C to get here…there are some things I’m looking forward to in addition to baby snuggles. 
1.  My old wardrobe.  I think baby bumps are the cutest—but I really miss fitting into high waisted skirts and JEANS.  Though I do adore the dress in this week’s photos—it was part of an amazing vintage haul that Amanda came about on a weekend thrifting trip.  And let me just tell you, there are at least 3 other dresses that I would have LOVED to at least try on, but would by no means be do-able with a belly.
2.  Bear hugs from Andrew.  This is such a sweet/emotional time in our lives and we share more hugs in a day than I can count.  But I miss those cozy hip to hip, arms-tight-around-my-waist, squeezing-all-the-air-out-of-me hugs.
3.  Coffee!  I have drunk more decaf coffee/lattes in the past 9 months that I care to think about (I spend way too much $$ at Starbucks!!), but I have completely avoided regular coffee.  Funny thing is, I’ve still been having the occasional Pepsi and chocolate and other caffeine-ridden things.  But there’s certainly a faux pas with having a baby bump and sipping on a regular cup of joe.  My barista even warned me of the hidden caffeine in the chai frappucino I ordered one day (like I said….I frequent Starbucks more than I care to admit), so you can imagine having a fully caffeinated coffee would get me some reprimanding. 

Guess that's really all I'm missing at this point.  That's actually a pretty pathetic list (lucky for me).
 But still.  I'm getting antsy here.  Any day now little lady.  

In these photos:  vintage fringy dolman sleeve dress (soon to be for sale at Miskabelle), Tommy Hilfiger brown ankle boots (that I’ve had FORever), earrings from Charlotte Russe.



Rici said...

You look adorable! I do hope you won't have another week of baby bump pics coming for your sake! I remember the feeling!

Jayme/Miskabelly said...

Thank you Rici (for ALL your sweet comments!!)

eviandesign said...

cant wait for some baby(-bump) photos!

(ALSO, let me know when that dress goes up for sale...i want it! and no, im not pregnant, i just really like the shape of it!)


Jayme/Miskabelly said...


Totally will let you know when we post the dress! It is awesome and would be MUCH better on a non-bump gal (it's not maternity). And....I am completely scatter brained and still haven't emailed you to let you know about the feature and what we have in mind. Baby brain I tell ya. I will be in touch!